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K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door



Birth Name:  Kate Noelle Holmes

Date of Birth:  December 18, 1978

Place of Birth:  Toledo, Ohio

Current Residence:  Los Angeles, CA / New York, NY

Father:  Martin Holmes, Sr. - Lawyer

Mother:  Kathleen Holmes - Homemaker

Siblings: 3 older sisters & an older brother

Marital Status: Married Tom Cruise on November 18, 2006 - Filed for divorce on June 29, 2012

Children: One daughter named Suri Cruise. Born on April 18, 2006

Height:   5'9''

Weight:   121 lbs.

Body Measurements:   34-24-34

Bra size:   32B

Eyes:   Hazel

Hair:   Brown

Clothing Size:   4

Shoe Size:   11


    Katie got her start as an actress in theater productions at her high school, Notre Dame Academy, an all-girls Catholic school in her hometown of Toledo, OH.  She comes from a "super-athletic" family, the youngest of three sisters and one brother, and she admits that despite her best efforts she was "horrible" at sports.   Katie found her niche in theater, although, she never dreamed she could make it professionally as an actress because of her Midwest roots.  However, in July 1995 she attended IMTA's annual "Hooray for Hollywood" Convention in New York City, where she caught the eye of talent manager Al Onorato, who encouraged her to come to Los Angeles for television's pilot season.  Six months later, in LA, she immediately won a small role in Ang Lee's "The Ice Storm," a critically acclaimed art house film based on the novel by the same name by Rick Moody. Shortly after this, Katie was offered the part of Buffy Summers in the WB's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."   However she declined in order to complete her high school education.

    In fact, she followed up her big screen debut in "The Ice Storm" with a part as Lola in her school's production of "Damn Yankees."  As the oft-repeated tale goes, this nearly cost her the role of Joey Potter, as she refused to ditch her classmates' on opening night for the scheduled "Dawson's Creek" audition.  However, DC creator and writer Kevin Williamson was so impressed by her audition tape, made in her basement with her mother playing Dawson, that he was willing to reschedule.  In the September 1998 YM, Kevin Williamson, described his first encounter with Katie this way, "I'll never forget the day when, after weeks of searching for the right actress to play the virtuoso role of Joey, we got [Katie's audition] tape.  After viewing it everyone in the room was speechless."

    Katie graduated from Notre Dame Academy in June of 1997 and began filming "Dawson's Creek" later that summer.  She has deferred admission to Columbia University.  She currently lives in Wilmington, NC, where she has just bought a house. Katie has certainly come a long way from dreaming about Hollywood in front of her TV set, and it is a safe bet that she has an exciting, successful, and interesting career ahead of her.  As Katie herself remarked in A Fanatic's Guide to Dawson's Creek, "It's overwhelming – yesterday I was just your average kid from Toledo.  Now I have my own web site."


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