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Katie & Suri arriving at the airport in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (7/2/17)

Katie on the set of "The Gift" in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (7/5/17)

Katie on the set of "The Gift" in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (7/6/17)

Katie on the set of "The Gift" in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (7/9/17)

Katie & Cuba Gooding Jr. starring in Air New Zealand safety video (2017)

Katie arriving at the airport in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (7/12/17)

Katie on the set of "The Gift" in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (7/13/17)

Katie catching a departing flight after she finishes filming "The Gift" in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (7/14/17)

Katie & Suri attending "Dear Evan Hansen" on Broadway at Music Box Theatre in New York City (7/18/17)
Pictured backstage with "Dear Evan Hansen" star Ben Platt. Suri signed the celebrity autograph wall.

Katie heading out for dinner to El Toro Blanco in New York City's West Village (7/23/17)

Katie out and about in New York City (7/27/17)

Katie & Suri out and about in New York City (7/28/17)

Katie & Suri leaving Tao restaurant in New York City (7/28/17)

Katie out and about in Beverly Hills, CA (8/3/17)

Katie out and about in New York City (8/8/17)

Katie & her nephew out and about in New York City (8/13/17)

Katie leaving her New York City apartment as she heads to "TODAY" inside NBC Studios
at Rockefeller Center in New York City to promote her new movie "Logan Lucky" (8/16/17)

Katie on "TODAY" inside NBC Studios at Rockefeller Center in New York City to promote her new movie "Logan Lucky" (8/16/17)

Katie shopping at the Prada in New York City (8/16/17)

Katie on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" inside NBC Studios at Rockefeller Center
in New York City to promote her new movie "Logan Lucky" (8/16/17)

Katie attending "The Tick" Blue Carpet Premiere at Village East Cinema in New York City (8/16/17)

Katie & Suri out and about in New York City (8/17/17)

Katie & Suri out and about in New York City (8/19/17)

Katie & Suri out and about in New York City (8/20/17)

Katie & Suri out and about in Calabasas, CA (8/23/17)

Katie stopping for lunch at Bottega Louie restaurant while out and about in Los Angeles, CA (8/25/17)

Katie grabbing some takeout from Joan's On Third in Studio City, CA (9/2/17)

Katie & Suri leaving Malibu Chili Cook-Off in Malibu, CA (9/3/17)

Katie & Jamie Foxx spending time together in Malibu, CA (9/4/17)
kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_1 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_2 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_3 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_4

kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_5 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_6 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_7 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_8

kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_9 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_10 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_11 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_12

kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_13 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_14 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_15 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_16

kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_17 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_18 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_19 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_20

kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_21 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_22 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_23 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_24

kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_25 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_26 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_27 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_28

kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_29 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_30 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_31 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_32

kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_33 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_34 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_35 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_36

kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_37 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_38 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_39 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_40

kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_41 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_42 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_43 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_44

kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_45 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_46 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_47 kh_jfoxx_malibu090417_48

Katie out and about in New York City (9/7/17)
kh_outinnyc090717_1 kh_outinnyc090717_2 kh_outinnyc090717_3 kh_outinnyc090717_4

kh_outinnyc090717_5 kh_outinnyc090717_6 kh_outinnyc090717_7 kh_outinnyc090717_11

kh_outinnyc090717_10 kh_outinnyc090717_9 kh_outinnyc090717_8

Katie attending the CFDA and LIFEWTR's designer presentation to view the Spring 2018 collections
of Adam Dalton Blake, Tiffany Huang, Ghazaleh Khalife during New York Fashion Week (9/7/17)

kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_1 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_2 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_3 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_4

kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_13 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_5 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_7 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_11

kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_12 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_14 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_15 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_16

kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_17 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_6 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_8 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_9

kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_10 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_18 kh_nyfw_blakehuangkhalifeh090717_instagram1

Katie & friend/designer Zac Posen attending the Cinema Society and Brooks Brothers' screening
of "House of Z" at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City (9/7/17)

kh_houseofzpremiere090717_1 kh_houseofzpremiere090717_2 kh_houseofzpremiere090717_7 kh_houseofzpremiere090717_4

kh_houseofzpremiere090717_5 kh_houseofzpremiere090717_3 kh_houseofzpremiere090717_6

Katie attending the US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City (9/7/17)
kh_usopen090717_7 kh_usopen090717_5 kh_usopen090717_9 kh_usopen090717_1

kh_usopen090717_2 kh_usopen090717_3 kh_usopen090717_4 kh_usopen090717_6

kh_usopen090717_8 kh_usopen090717_10 kh_usopen090717_instagram1

Katie out and about in New York City (9/9/17)
kh_outinnyc090917_1 kh_outinnyc090917_6 kh_outinnyc090917_2

kh_outinnyc090917_4 kh_outinnyc090917_3 kh_outinnyc090917_5

Katie attending the Lanyu fashion show during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Gallery 2, Skylight Clarkson Sq in New York City (9/11/17)
kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_1 kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_2 kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_11 kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_13

kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_12 kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_14 kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_3 kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_8

kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_8 kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_5 kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_4 kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_6

kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_7 kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_9 kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_15 kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_16

kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_17 kh_nyfw_lanyu091117_18

Katie attending the Ralph Lauren Fall 2017 fashion show during New York Fashion Week
inside the designer's garage in Bedford, New York (9/12/17)

kh_nyfw_ralphlauren091217_2 kh_nyfw_ralphlauren091217_6 kh_nyfw_ralphlauren091217_1 kh_nyfw_ralphlauren091217_3

kh_nyfw_ralphlauren091217_4 kh_nyfw_ralphlauren091217_5 kh_nyfw_ralphlauren091217_7 kh_nyfw_ralphlauren091217_8

Katie out and about in West Hollywood, CA (9/16/17)
kh_outinla091617_1 kh_outinla091617_2

Katie leaving a grocery store in Los Angeles, CA (9/27/17)
kh_outinla092717_2 kh_outinla092717_1 kh_outinla092717_3

Katie out and about in New York City (10/4/17)
kh_outinnyc100417_1 kh_outinnyc100417_2

Katie visiting Juliet's Balcony while out and about in Verona, Italy (10/5/17)
kh_outinveronaitaly100517_1 kh_outinveronaitaly100517_2 kh_outinveronaitaly100517_3 kh_outinveronaitaly100517_10

kh_outinveronaitaly100517_13 kh_outinveronaitaly100517_4 kh_outinveronaitaly100517_5 kh_outinveronaitaly100517_6

kh_outinveronaitaly100517_7 kh_outinveronaitaly100517_8 kh_outinveronaitaly100517_9 kh_outinveronaitaly100517_11

kh_outinveronaitaly100517_12 kh_outinveronaitaly100517_14

Katie attending the fourth annual "Intimissimi On Ice" at the Arena in Verona, Italy (10/6/17)
pictured with Russian model Irina Shayk Italian designer Chiara Ferragni
kh_intimissimionice100617_3 kh_intimissimionice100617_1 kh_intimissimionice100617_2 kh_intimissimionice100617_4

kh_intimissimionice100617_5 kh_intimissimionice100617_6 kh_intimissimionice100617_18 kh_intimissimionice100617_7

kh_intimissimionice100617_8 kh_intimissimionice100617_10 kh_intimissimionice100617_11 kh_intimissimionice100617_12

kh_intimissimionice100617_17 kh_intimissimionice100617_15 kh_intimissimionice100617_16 kh_intimissimionice100617_13

kh_intimissimionice100617_14 kh_intimissimionice100617_9

Katie creating Halloween boxtumes for her daughter & friends in Santa Monica, CA (10/9/17)
kh_halloweenboxtumes_santamonica100917_1 kh_halloweenboxtumes_santamonica100917_2 kh_halloweenboxtumes_santamonica100917_3 kh_halloweenboxtumes_santamonica100917_4

kh_halloweenboxtumes_santamonica100917_5 kh_halloweenboxtumes_santamonica100917_6 kh_halloweenboxtumes_santamonica100917_7 kh_halloweenboxtumes_santamonica100917_8

kh_halloweenboxtumes_santamonica100917_9 kh_halloweenboxtumes_santamonica100917_10 kh_halloweenboxtumes_santamonica100917_11 kh_halloweenboxtumes_santamonica100917_12

Katie arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Ontario, Canada (10/12/17)
kh_torontoairport101217_1 kh_torontoairport101217_2 kh_torontoairport101217_3 kh_torontoairport101217_4

Katie attending the Holt Renfrew 180th Anniversary in partnership with Vogue Magazine held at Holt Renfrew Flagship Store in Toronto (10/12/17)
kh_holtrenfrew101217_1 kh_holtrenfrew101217_2 kh_holtrenfrew101217_3 kh_holtrenfrew101217_4

kh_holtrenfrew101217_11 kh_holtrenfrew101217_5 kh_holtrenfrew101217_6 kh_holtrenfrew101217_7

kh_holtrenfrew101217_8 kh_holtrenfrew101217_12 kh_holtrenfrew101217_9 kh_holtrenfrew101217_10

kh_holtrenfrew101217_instagram1 kh_holtrenfrew101217_instagram2

Katie out and about in New York City before catching the subway R train in Lower Manhattan (10/13/17)
kh_nycsubway101317_6 kh_nycsubway101317_7 kh_nycsubway101317_1 kh_nycsubway101317_2

kh_nycsubway101317_5 kh_nycsubway101317_3 kh_nycsubway101317_4 kh_nycsubway101317_8 kh_nycsubway101317_9

Katie & Suri attending the New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers hockey game at Madison Square Garden in New York City (10/14/17)
kh_suridevilsvsrangers101417_1 kh_suridevilsvsrangers101417_2 kh_suridevilsvsrangers101417_3 kh_suridevilsvsrangers101417_4

kh_suridevilsvsrangers101417_8 kh_suridevilsvsrangers101417_9 kh_suridevilsvsrangers101417_10 kh_suridevilsvsrangers101417_11

kh_suridevilsvsrangers101417_5 kh_suridevilsvsrangers101417_6 kh_suridevilsvsrangers101417_7 kh_suridevilsvsrangers101417_12

Katie catching a flight out of LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA (10/19/17)
kh_laxairport101917_1 kh_laxairport101917_2 kh_laxairport101917_3 kh_laxairport101917_4

kh_laxairport101917_5 kh_laxairport101917_6 kh_laxairport101917_13 kh_laxairport101917_7

kh_laxairport101917_11 kh_laxairport101917_16 kh_laxairport101917_14 kh_laxairport101917_15

kh_laxairport101917_8 kh_laxairport101917_9 kh_laxairport101917_10 kh_laxairport101917_12

Katie helping unveil FAO Schwartz's new holiday toy collection at the Bergdorf Goodman store in New York City (10/24/17)
kh_bergdorfgoodman102417_1 kh_bergdorfgoodman102417_7 kh_bergdorfgoodman102417_2 kh_bergdorfgoodman102417_11

kh_bergdorfgoodman102417_3 kh_bergdorfgoodman102417_8 kh_bergdorfgoodman102417_4 kh_bergdorfgoodman102417_9

kh_bergdorfgoodman102417_5 kh_bergdorfgoodman102417_6 kh_bergdorfgoodman102417_10

Katie & Suri out and about in New York City (10/25/17)
kh_surioutinnyc102517_1 kh_surioutinnyc102517_2 kh_surioutinnyc102517_3

Katie & her mom Kathleen catching the subway in New York City (10/25/17)
kh_nycsubway102517_1 kh_nycsubway102517_2 kh_nycsubway102517_3 kh_nycsubway102517_4

Katie taking Suri trick or treating in New York City (10/31/17)
kh_surioutinnyc103117_1 kh_surioutinnyc103117_3 kh_surioutinnyc103117_2 kh_surioutinnyc103117_4 kh_surioutinnyc103117_5

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