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Gallery 121

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Katie on the set of her new untitled FOX FBI drama in Chicago, IL (4/5/18)
with co-star Christian Camargo
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Katie on the set of her new untitled FOX FBI drama in Chicago, IL (4/10/18)
kh_foxfbishowset041018_1 kh_foxfbishowset041018_2 kh_foxfbishowset041018_3

Katie on the set of her new untitled FOX FBI drama in Chicago, IL (4/11/18)
kh_foxfbishowset041118_1 kh_foxfbishowset041118_2

Katie attending an event at the Dior Beauty Boutique in Highland Park Village in Dallas, TX (4/12/18)
kh_diordallas041218_1a kh_diordallas041218_2 kh_diordallas041218_4 kh_diordallas041218_5

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kh_diordallas041218_10 kh_diordallas041218_3

Katie is the guest speaker at the Chick Lit Luncheon benefitting Community Partners of Dallas at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX (4/13/18)
kh_chicklituncheon041318_1 kh_chicklituncheon041318_2

Katie visiting Six Flags Great Adventure amsement park in Jackson, NJ (4/14/18)
kh_sixflagsgreatadventure041418_1 kh_sixflagsgreatadventure041418_2

Katie & Suri out and about in New York City (4/17/18)
kh_surioutinnyc041718_1 kh_surioutinnyc041718_2

Katie & Suri arriving and leaving Mr Chow's restaurant in NYC to celebrate Suri's birthday with friends and family (4/18/18)
kh_surioutinnyc041818_1 kh_surioutinnyc041818_2 kh_surioutinnyc041818_3

kh_surioutinnyc041818_4 kh_surioutinnyc041818_5 kh_surioutinnyc041818_6

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