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Bobbi Brown: 'It's a Dream' Working With Kate Upton

ABC News

Supermodel Kate Upton is the new celebrity face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics, only the second celeb to partner with Brown after actress Katie Holmes.

"It's a dream," Brown said of working with Upton. "She's not just a woman that's beautiful, because we all know that, but she is smart, she is nice and she creates her own rules. And I love a woman like that."

Bobbi Brown's cosmetics are known for encouraging women to embrace who they are, which is exactly why Upton, 21, was eager to work with her.

"That's why I was so excited to meet Bobbi and be in collaboration with Bobbi Brown," the supermodel, who has been publicly criticized in the past for not having a traditional model's body, said. "Every day when I'm set with you [Brown] I'm so inspired. And it's all about your energy."

The partnership, both women explained today on "Good Morning America," is all about helping women build confidence.

"If you feel good, you look good," Brown said. "It's not the other way around."

Brown's recent "Pretty Powerful" campaign features pictures of real women as it aims to encourage them to "be who they are." As Brown took questions from several real women in the "GMA" Social Square, she had two main tips for everyday women on the go: A corrector concealer and BB cream works wonders for dark circles and acne, and a gel bronzer is the perfect solution to your wintertime blues.

"Gel bronzer will make you look like you've had a little bit of sun," the makeup mogul explained. "But make sure it's not shiny, not sparkly and not orange."