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Katie Holmes Harbors a Dark Secret in the Upcoming Film 'Miss Meadows'

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Next time you see Katie Holmes on the big screen, you might be surprised as the title character in "Miss meadows. " She plays a seemingly harmless teacher. She brakes for todays in the road.

I was concerned iffer the safety of this today. And there was no on-street parking. Do you think if I kiss it, he'll turn into a prince?

Maybe. Or he'll just be one lucky today. Ooh, is that her knight in shining armor?

We're happy to have Katie Holmes back with us. I was watching this film and it was just something that was so different for seeing you in this. And, that it is something -- I think it will catch a lot of people pleasantly by surprise.

Because she has a dark secret, doesn't she? Yes, yes. When I read this script, I really loved miss meadows.

To me, she's a -- an original character. And, I feel like she's -- very -- she's like a little girl but then she's very tough at the same time. And that's the position because when you look at, she's mild-mannered.

Taught -- Into manners. Very much into manners. To really degree -- but she's, we're not spoiling anything.

But she's a gun-toting vigilante. I mean, how do the two coincide? That juxtaposition I found to be unique.

She's a woman who holds on to sayings and manner nmannerisms and is a bit old fashioned. She believes in what she's doing, her vigilante work, that is. It was an opportunity to play with a different kind of a tone in a movie and do a little bit of comedy.

I had great time making it. It really, it just shows, you're an actor. You have always been an actor.

You've been working on your craft. It shows you in a totally different light. The critics are in love with you in this film.

And even the director and the screen writer was talking about how the revelation of you and saying that you are the right actress at the right time to play this role. Do you feel that way? Oh, that's so nice, well, I, I mean -- I felt like it was one of those experiences where, um, everyone who was working on the movie was really invested in it and it was a -- such a creative environment.

We all just had a really great time pip think everyone involved, it was the right time for everyone. Because even was just really excited about it. And I loved working with Karen, the director.

She was very collaborative. We laughed a lot. That's always fun to go to work and laugh.

Yeah, it does. Because sit is a dark comedy. You wouldn't think.

You're the first to global ambassador for Olay. What kind of work are you doing? I'm so excited.

Olay comes out of Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm an Ohio girl. I went to all the laboratories and saw how they make the products.

How diligent they are in keeping up with everything that we women need for our skin. And, so I've -- done some commercials for them already and some photo shoots. It's just been really wonderful.

I love what Olay stands for and I love how supportive they are for all women not just on the outside but on the inside. Inside as well. And you're keeping busy.

You're going to reprise your role as Jackie O? And making your directorial debut? I'm going to do Jackie again.

We're work top script right now. It will be the years after -- You just -- you are Jackie when you see that picture like that. We had really good hair and makeup and wardrobe.

I'm really excited. She was such a phenomenal woman. And to have the opportunity to tell more of her story is really exciting to me.

Mm-hmm. And I'm very excited, I'm going to direct my first movie and, I found this book, and optioned it. I have a writer W R writing it for me.

I'm excited. It should be a huge challenge. But, um -- worth it.

What is a line from that that says, never settle. That's how you are about your career. You're going to push yourself, challenge yourself.

You always have, haven't you? I try. It's more fun that way.

I like to find new challenges and find things that are interesting, because, you know, why else do it? Amen. Well, let me tell you, this one is interesting.

This one is very, very interesting. Thank you. That's all I'm going to say.

Thank you, Katie. Good always to see you. "Miss meadows" is in select theaters on Friday.