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Bobbi Brown Talks Collaboration with Katie Holmes

Accidental Sexiness
By Rosy

Growing up in the ’80s and ’90s was tough if you were a girl. Make-up had not evolved into this cornucopia of products available today for people of all shades and skin types. One of the pioneers that helped make such a thing become a reality, was make-up artist Bobbi Brown.

As a life-long fan of Brown’s, you can imagine how excited I was to interview during her visit to Miami’s Dadeland Mall in support of her new book “Pretty Powerful,”  in stores now. This book is quite different to her past books because it’s not about technique but about inspiring women with messages from some “Pretty Powerful” women. “Pretty Powerful” focuses on how you feel instead of how you look.

Here are some excerpts from my interview:

One of my favorite actresses has been hired to be Bobbi Brown’s first celebrity spokesperson. Could you tell me why you decided to collaborate with Katie Holmes and when can we expect to see her ads.

“I never set out to hire a celebrity. It’s not like we sat down and said, whose available? We are not a brand that really promotes celebrity. But I had met her through friends when she just came to New York and I liked her instantly.
Since I do fashion shows, I asked her if I could do her show [during New York Fashion Week S/S 2013] and she was so thrilled. I was looking at her, and I don’t think she had very much make-up or any at all, and I asked her if she would ever consider doing a collaboration and it happened. I’m really proud of the choice because she is amazing! She really is as unassuming and as nice as you can imagine. She is normal and she’s working really hard trying different things.
The ads will be breaking in January, and we’re still figuring it all out. She will probably be in 3 or 4 different things and then in the fall we worked on a Katie/Bobbi palette which you can imagine will be the perfect palette for brunettes!”