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Katie Holmes Reveals The Secret To Her Perfect Thanksgiving

Access Hollywood

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Katie Holmes admitted she isn’t very good when it comes to preparing a Thanksgiving turkey, but she makes up for it with decor.
“We’re going to be in Los Angeles and I’m not a big cook so I usually go to the flower mart in downtown Los Angeles and I make up for my lack of cooking with a good presentation,” Katie told Martha Stewart as she filmed an appearance for Tuesday’s “The Martha Stewart Show.”
The actress, wife to Tom Cruise and mom to Suri Cruise, said she does have a meal ready too, but she’s not usually behind the preparation.
“I make sure the fixings are there I just don’t tell how they got there,” Katie explained.
There is one thing, however, Katie does make – pumpkin bars.
“My mom started a tradition where she makes these amazing pumpkin bars — almost like a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, but it’s not too spicy. In my family we travel so much and we’re constantly living in hotels, so my daughter and I have been in the living room of the hotel with powdered sugar going everywhere making this to keep up the tradition,” the “Jack and Jill” actress said. “They’re really gooey and moist.”
“Does Tom like them?” Martha asked.
“Yes, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like the recipe,” Katie responded.
“The Martha Stewart Show” airs on the Hallmark Channel at 10 AM ET/PT.