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Tom Cruise Has ‘Special’ Plans For Katie’s 30th Birthday

Access Hollywood
December 16, 2008

Katie Holmes turns 30 on Thursday and husband Tom Cruise told "Access Hollywood" that he has something “special” in store for his wife on her milestone year

“We’re gonna celebrate, I’ll be here in the morning with her,” Tom told "Access" Monday night at the premiere of his new movie, “Valkyrie,” in New York City.

Tom and Katie will be celebrating her birthday early Thursday morning however, because he’s due at the Los Angeles premiere of “Valkyrie” on Thursday night and Katie will remain in New York for a performance of her hit Broadway play, Arthur Miller’s, “All My Sons.”

The actor remained mum on the exact details of Katie’s birthday, but did reveal he had something particularly exceptional up his sleeve. “I’ve got some special things… that I have in store for her,” Tom continued. “It’s gonna be a great day for her.”

As for another special girl in Tom’s life, the 46-year-old actor was pleasantly surprised to hear that daughter Suri had made "Access Hollywood’s" Best Dressed list of 2008. “Oh is she?” Tom asked with a smile when we told him the good news.

Tom said he loves that his two-year-old daughter enjoys wearing dresses and that they’ve tried to mix up her wardrobe, but that Suri already has some fashion preferences. “[One] morning, Kate got her into a pair of pants, but they don’t last long,” Tom said.

Besides dress up, Tom said Suri loves books, and even reads to mom and dad. “We’ve got a lot of them because she loves books and loves to hear stories and then she’ll get the books and kind of read the stories to us by looking at the pictures,” Tom added. “It’s a beautiful time.”