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The Girl Next Door

Park Soo Jin meets Katie Holmes on 'Star Beauty Road'


Singer-turned-actress Park Soo Jin was incredibly nervous to meet Hollywood actress Katie Holmes.

On the April 11th broadcast of SBS E!‘s ‘Star Beauty Road‘, the former Sugar member flew to New York and met up with one of Hollywood’s hottest fashionistas. This was the first time that Katie Holmes ever appeared in a South Korea TV show.

Park Soo Jin gave a brief introduction of the former ‘Dawson’s Creek‘ star, saying, “As everyone knows, Katie Holmes was formerly married to Tom Cruise and is the mother of Suri Cruise. Before she got married, she was known as one of the most famous fashionista in Hollywood, and after her divorce, she receives a lot of attention for showing her warmth as a mother.”

Before Park Soo Jin met Holmes, she said to the camera, “I couldn’t believe it when I saw our itinerary for the day. I never dreamed I would meet Katie Holmes. I am so nervous.”

The episode ended with Park Soo Jin opening the door to meet Katie. The preview for next week’s episode shows the two actresses speaking to one another. Katie Holmes showed her humility and kindness as she brightly smiled at Park Soo Jin to calm her down and make her less nervous.