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The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes Looks Cool in a Mercedes-Benz CLK


Katie Holmes is one of the Hollywood actresses that really know how to look good and we're not talking about the moments when she's filming, but in real, private life. She always managed to remain tightlipped when it came to her personal life and relationships and when she did talk to the media, she did it in a calm, simple and respectful way.

And it seems that Katie Holmes has the same principles when it comes to cars too. Whether she's the one driving the car or just staying on the right passenger seat, Holmes has great tastes and the adjacent photo does nothing than to confirm it. This picture published by celebritycarsblog.com shows the American star driving a Mercedes-Benz CLK.

What's more important is the fact that the Mercedes is reportedly hers which means Katie Holmes actually knows what the automotive industry is all about and looked into the German market to pick her next ride. Truth be told, she's a little bit outdated, since the CLK is no longer manufactured by the German carmaker, but still...

To refresh your memory, the CLK is no longer a part of Mercedes' product lineup and the new E-Klasse Cabrio serves as a somewhat replacement for the vehicle you're seeing here.

The CLK however was using a wide array of engine options, both diesels and petrols, and received the last facelift in 2005 when the manufacturer improved the rear, added new rims and a higher quality interior. Because of the folding roof, the room of the trunk was considerately shortened and leaved little spare room for luggage (or golf clubs).