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Katie Holmes dislikes edgy beauty

Belfast Telegraph - UK
By Cover Media

Katie Holmes prefers the natural over the "extreme beauty" looks.

The actress prefers natural make-up and hair over anything too shocking.

The star was once forced to alter her appearance for work and hated every moment of it.

"The most extreme beauty look I've tried was when I dyed my hair red once, for work. I did not enjoy the experience. I'm just not that person who's going to change my colour every few weeks," Katie told the British edition of ELLE magazine. "My approach to beauty is to be as natural as possible and make decisions that make sense. If I'm going to wear heavier make-up, it's dictated by the event; for the Met Ball I can do something very dramatic, but I wouldn't do that for a movie premiere. "

Katie is the latest spokesperson for cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown. Her personal preference for sticking to what she knows with her beauty routine is what drew her to the role.

"I'm a creature of habit. I've been using Bobbi Brown make-up for a very long time. I was introduced to Bobbi when I was a teenager and have used it ever since," Katie gushed. "I love looking like I don't have make-up on, it makes me feel good and I love the fancy packaging."

While she admits to being non adventurous with her own image, Katie can appreciate style chameleons.

"I have three beauty icons. I love Kate Moss' style and the way she can transform herself," Katie explained. "Lauren Hutton [the American model-and-actress] becomes more beautiful as she ages; a large part of that is just who she is and the work she does. It's very inspiring. And Christy Turlington is gorgeous."