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Tom Cruise giving potty training to daughter Suri!

Birmingham Star - Australia

Tom Cruise along with wife Katie Holmes is giving potty training to daughter Suri.

Talking in a wide-ranging interview in Weekend Australian magazine, the actor revealed that he sure knows his stuff.

Cruise revealed that he and Katie don't use star charts and other reward systems for their 2-year-old daughter and instead prefer the potty-in-the-room technique, a popular approach that is relatively self-explanatory.

In fact, the couple find potty books, a class of toddler fiction where a happy ending is marked by both a conclusive fairytale romance and a successful bowel movement, quite helpful.

"The potty books are really good for getting them excited about it. You know, she's taking the diaper off, getting ready," The Australian quoted Cruise as saying in the interview with Christine Jackman.

And Cruise is hoping that, no matter how much time it takes, Suri would soon learn her potty-lessons.

"You can't have that 'it must happen now' approach. Somehow that always ends up in wasting more time," said Cruise has.