K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes make the scene at Boston eateries

Boston Herald
By Inside Track

Hollywood honeys Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes continued their quest to charm Bostonians one handshake or photo at a time this weekend when they dropped into Bricco in the North End for dinner.

The toothsome Tinseltown twosome, who are in town whilst Tom films “The Untitled Wichita Project” with Cameron Diaz, dined upstairs at Bricco and seemed to particularly enjoy a special order that pasta chef Johnny Caruso sent out to them, according to North Ender Jerry Maffeo .

“They really loved it,” Jerry told the Track . “Then, when they came downstairs, they took pictures with the staff and they shook hands with everybody. He even called all the chefs out of the kitchen and took pictures with them, too.”

Which, once again, proves the Track’s theory that the bigger they are, the nicer they are . . .

“And then Tom shook hands with everybody outside on the sidewalk,” said the star-struck Maffeo. “For a kid that small, he’s really strong. He was so nice. Honest to God, you don’t see celebrities like that. And her? What an elegant, elegant woman!”