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Katie Holmes Launching Bobbi & Katie with Bobbi Brown

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Katie Holmes, after signing on as the face of Bobbi Brown last September and buying into Alterna hair care in January, is launching the Bobbi & Katie Collection with Bobbi Brown in September.

"I'm interested [in doing a fragrance]," Holmes told WWD from the set of her latest movie, "Mania Days." "We all need a little help in smelling good, especially in the summer in New York City!"

Holmes' passion for the beauty industry came from her positive experiences with Bobbi Brown and Alterna. "I'm open [to more roles in beauty]," said Holmes. "I've had wonderful experiences with both Bobbi Brown and Alterna, and it's nice to be a part of companies that have such integrity."

Of Brown, Holmes said, "I've loved every minute of it - Bobbi is so creative and so smart. I'm very inspired by her."

"I've also really enjoyed working with Alterna. We haven't created shampoo together, but it's been equally satisfying. I'm proud to be a part of both."

And Brown is equally in love with Holmes. "Katie's not just a face, she's a true partner," said Brown. "She's ridiculously beautiful, and she really has a feel for what women want and need. She has a great eye for color and design."

The Bobbi & Katie Collection includes a brush set ($65) and a palette with eight eye shadows ($68), two Pot Rouges and one mini eye pencil. "We chose Pot Rouge because it's a two-in-one product for cheeks and lips that's easy to apply," added Brown. "Katie had the idea to include a mini eye pencil, which I think is genius."

"In the morning, if you're tired, throw [Pot Rouge] on," added Holmes. "Add some nude lip gloss and you're good. These are things that will perk you up. And I look to Bobbi for that, because she's an incredible makeup artist. I'm always asking her, 'What do I do when I've slept four hours and I'm going to a meeting? What do I do so I don't look like I'm exhausted?'"

Their goal is effortless and easy. "Our objective was to do something that is very helpful to all women," continued Holmes. "You can put it on in the back of a cab, you can put it on in your bathroom at home, you can put it on in the parking lot at your child's soccer game. It's simple, but we like to have special things that make us feel good, and I think that's what this palette achieves. It feels like it's a little secret and it has all of your tricks inside. You can quickly get yourself looking the best you could look and then put it back into your bag. It makes you feel good, and we all want to feel good."

In addition to the upcoming Bobbi & Katie line, Holmes also has a few producing projects in the works. "Still working out the deals, but it's a creative time," she said.

And she's also planning a presentation at New York Fashion Week for Holmes & Yang, the label she owns with her friend and former stylist Jeanne Yang. "We'll probably do something smaller, like in the hotel as we did in February," said Holmes. "We found that to be very effective. We've had great sell-throughs at Barneys. We're having a good time."