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Film About Bipolar Disorder Previews In Chicago

CBS2 News - Chicago
By Vince Gerasole

(CBS Chicago) The new Katie Holmes movie, “Touched With Fire,” doesn’t hit theaters across the country until Feb. 19, but it had its national preview in Chicago Thursday night.

CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports why.

At age 16, Cary loves films and envisions a future studying cinema — but at one time his bipolar disorder clouded his dream.

He is of the 12 million Americans who struggle with bipolar disorder, marked by extreme mood swings.

“It’s difficult to deal with,” the teen says.

“Touched With Fire” stars Holmes and Luke Kirby as highly creative poets coming to terms with the disorder’s manic highs and depressing lows.

Director Paul Dalio knows the conditions well, saying, “I was there.”

Phases of his own struggles are reflected in the film’s highly artistic characters, who eventually build a future through therapy and medications like Lithium. Reaching other sufferers was his goal.

Dr. Julie Carbray has helped UIC’s Depression and Resilience Clinic develop family coping mechanisms beyond medication.

“It is an illness that can respond positively to treatment,” she says.

“Touched With Fire” was having its national preview at the AMC River East Cinemas in downtown Chicago.