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Katie Holmes Faces the Pandemic and the Fear of Falling in Love in ‘Alone Together’ Trailer

Holmes also writes and directs the rom-com.

By Marco Vito Oddo

Vertical Entertainment released a new trailer for Alone Together, an upcoming rom-com written and directed by and starring Katie Holmes. The movie follows a woman who gets trapped in an AirBNB with a total stranger just as the pandemics force the world into isolation.

The new trailer presents June (Holmes), a young woman who feels trapped in the obligations of everyday life. In the trailer, we can see June sharing happy moments with her boyfriend, John (Derek Luke). However, Holmes's narration discusses the pressure of meeting everyone else’s expectations. That is, at least until a virus shuts down the world and all the illusions of an ordered life fall to the ground. In June’s case, the pandemics put her in an impossible situation, as she had planned a romantic getaway with John. Instead, she’s forced to share a double-booked AirBnb with a total stranger, Charlie (Jim Sturgess).

Away from their family and friends, June and Charlie slowly start to count on each other to get the support they need to face lockdown. And as the new trailer shows, they soon begin to fall in love. Unfortunately for June, that also means rethinking her whole life and figuring out if she even wants to return to her boyfriend when she can finally go back home.

Alone Together is the second movie Holmes helms, after her directorial debut All We Had. However, since Holmes also took over the writing for Alone Together, the rom-com also marks a first in her career. The Alone Together cast also features Zosia Mamet (The Flight Attendant), Luke Kirby (The Marvelous Ms. Maisel), and Melissa Leo (Frozen River).

Alone Together premieres in theaters on July 22. The film comes to digital and VOD one week later, on July 29. Check out the new trailer below:

Check out the official synopsis for Alone Together here:

Going upstate for a short romantic getaway to escape the pandemic in New York City, food critic June's (Katie Holmes) plans go wrong from the start. Arriving at the AirBnb in advance of her boyfriend, John (Derek Luke), she is shocked to discover it has been double-booked by recently single Charlie (Jim Sturgess). When John decides to stay in the city to take care of his parents, June has to settle in for the long haul as she realizes that the initial two weeks of the pandemic might just drag on a little bit longer than expected. As spring begins to unfold around them, June and Charlie make the most of the sudden break in their routines and develop an unexpected intimacy as they bond over their goals, ambitions and, of course, relationships.