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Suri Cruise Is A Budding Director

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Tom Cruise is taking tips from his daughter Suri on the set of his Hollywood films - he insists the tot is a natural director.

Cruise and his actress wife Katie Holmes dote on the four year old and the "Top Gun" star admits Suri is already bossing him, and other directors, around on movie sets.

He says, "She grew up on movie sets. She will tell people to be quiet on set. She sits there with headphones and watches the scenes and she gives me notes sometimes after the scenes. She'll give me a thumbs up or something. If someone stands in her way... Kate was making a film once and the director stood in front. She looks at me then starts grabbing the back of the (director's) jacket saying, 'I can't see'. After the take she'll run up to Kate and say, 'That was great' and kiss her. She's in it."