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'I left her several voicemails': Busy Philipps reveals how Dawson's Creek co-star Katie Holmes dropped her after meeting Tom Cruise

The Daily Mail - UK
By Ross McDonagh

Busy Philipps has revealed how her friend and co-star Katie Homes dropped off the radar as soon as she began her relationship with Tom Cruise.

The actress told Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" that she tried to get in touch with her "Dawson's Creek" co-star but never heard back.

'I left her several voicemail messages,' she said on Wednesday night.

'I just remember when it happened and I was like: "Are you on a plane in San Fransisco with Tom Cruise? What's happening?".

'And then I saw her three years later and she had a kid.'

The 35-year-old revealed she never hung out with the couple, and had never met their daughter Suri... although she really liked her name.

Philips, who also starred alongside James Franco and Seth Rogen in the cult comedy series "Freaks and Geeks," revealed on Wednesday that it was Rogen - and not Franco - who was the biggest stoner on set.

'I would say Seth. He used to give me my pot,' she admitted, but said a reunion was unlikely.

Judd [Apatow, executive producer] put us all together for Vanity Fair, that was really fun, it was really nice. That's probably the closest were ever going to get to that,' she said.

A caller to the show also wanted to know if "Cougar Town" co-star Courtney Cox ever dished any "Friends" dirt, but was probably disappointed with the squeaky clean answer.

'Just that they had like the bast time ever,' she replied, 'and that they would sometimes get drunk on Friday nights when they were shooting, which was exciting to me.

'And if you watch the show, like the end scenes, sometimes you can see her and Jennifer and Lisa 'really' excited about... a little lit.

'There's no friends dirt. Just that they had the best time ever and it the best show and they got paid so much money and it was amazing.'

As for a "Dawson's Creek" reunion? That's even less likely than the "Freaks and Geeks" one.

'I wanna fall asleep,' she retorted when when Cohen asked. 'I cant deal with that question.'