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The Girl Next Door

Getting steamy! Katie Holmes wears just a bra as she shares
a passionate kiss with Luke Kirby on set of "Mania Days"

The Daily Mail - UK
By Shyam Dodge

She is rumoured to be dating him in real life.

So it's not surprising that Katie Holmes appeared to inject authentic passion into her scripted kiss with co-star Luke Kirby on set of "Mania Days" filming in New York.

The steamy embrace had the two actors locking lips as a shirtless Katie, wearing only her bra, straddled Luke in a show of unbridled desire, on Friday.

Katie's long brunette locks hung in a tangled mess over her naked shoulders as she smooched with the Canadian independent film actor.

Luke, for his part, closed his eyes as he embraced his 34-year-old co-star.

At one point the actor, also 34, cradled his head on Katie's chest as she pulled him in close for a passionate hug.

The pair were spotted smiling after the choreographed make out session, with the actress even puckering her lips as she appeared to banter with the hunky thespian.

The kiss comes after rumours that the two are dating off screen.

In mid May Luke was spotted taking Katie to dinner in the Big Apple as the duo were clearly enjoying one another's company.

A source revealed to the New York Daily News that the former "Dawson’s Creek" star has been acting out of character around her neighbourhood of Chelsea, saying: ‘The last month you rarely see her anymore.

‘Whatever she’s trying to hide I don’t know, but she’s not going in the main entrance [of her building] any more.’

Meanwhile, it is thought that Luke and Katie, who are very ‘flirty’ on set, were ‘almost holding hands’ in public earlier this month.

But when Katie noticed she had been seen she reportedly jumped in a cab, leaving Luke on the street.

In "Mania Days" - produced by Spike Lee and set to release in 2014 - Katie stars as a manic depressive poet who becomes pregnant by a manic depressive rapper.

The romance, which begins in a psychiatric hospital, is said to bring out all of the beauty and horror of their shared condition.