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The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes wows fans with raunchy dance tribute to legend Judy Garland

The Daily Mail - UK

It's a long way from Dawson's Creek to happy feet but Katie Holmes proves she's got the moves in a one-off dance performance.

The actress performed a special tribute to Judy Garland for the 100th episode of US TV show, "So You Think You Can Dance?"

Katie - who is not a professional dancer - wowed the audience with a slick, stylish and sexy performance of Garland's greatest hit, "Get Happy."

'This is an homage to Judy Garland and I am very excited about it. I like to sing and dance so it is really fun,' she said, before the tape of her performance was shown.

The routine begins with Katie, dressed in a retro 1940s white skirt suit, stepping out of a classic car onto a pebbled street.

She then leans against a lamp post and begins singing the legend's famous lyrics.

The scene then switches to a stage routine, with Katie dressed in little more than a hat, black tuxedo jacket and fishnets.

As she high-kicks her way through the song, she's surrounded by muscular male dancers; we wonder what hubby Tom Cruise would say to that!

At one point, Katie is carried over the heads of the dancers, before jumping on top of a piano to continue dancing.

The US dance show is hosted by British presenter Cat Deeley.

She interviewed Katie after her performance was shown to the audience and discovered the reason behind the routine.

Katie reveals that she wanted to do the show to introduce her new charity, the Dizzy Feet Foundation.

She co-founded the charity with "SYTYCD" judge Nigel Lythgoe, which is aimed at helping underprivileged children become professional dancers.

'I think it's important to let kids experience music, dancing and singing, and the arts and also sports,' she told Cat.

Judge Nigel thanked Katie after her performance and said she had worked really hard on getting the routine right.

The Dizzy Feet Foundation also gives scholarships to dancers, choreographers and dance teachers.

Katie told Cat, 'This is the next generation. I think it is important to give them every opportunity to grow and discover what it is that they like and to have access to the best.'