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The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes' camp denies she 'hooked up' with her ex-husband Tom Cruise's good friend Jamie Foxx

The Daily Mail - UK
By Heidi Parker

It was one of the quickest divorces in the history of Hollywood. But the drama between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise continues to linger a year after they split.

Us Weekly reports on Wednesday that the actress' romance with her ex-husband's longtime friend Jamie Foxx that began in August - and has since ended - didn't sit well with the Top Gun star.

But Katie's rep tells MailOnline the star never had the fling in the first place.

Tom's reps did not return calls to MailOnline.

Us Weekly states that Tom wanted Katie to be 'off limits' to Jamie, that's why he didn't expect his friend to do something like this.

'Tom was not happy,' a source tells the publication. 'He doesn't care if it was just a hookup. To him it was betrayal.' But another one of the magazine's source counters, 'He's living his life being Tom Cruise. He doesn't care what Katie Holmes does.'

Tom, 51, first met Jamie, 45, when they did a chemistry read to see if Jamie was a fit for Jerry Maguire. He didn't get the part, but he did win a role opposite Tom in the edgy 2004 crime thriller Collateral, and the two became friends.

Katie, 34, got to know Jamie through her husband. Often, the Dawson's Creek star would laugh at the light-hearted Oscar-winner's jokes, says the weekly.

When the superstar couple split in July 2012, the White House Down actor didn't take sides. He said, 'You have to commend him for already settling everything.' He added, 'That's a testament to both of their characters.'

When Katie ran into Jamie at an August 24 party at Ron Perelman's estate in East Hampton, New York, the old acquaintances clicked immediately.

Though there have already been online rumours of an courtship between the two, UsWeekly provided more details, going so far as to have a source says they definitely 'hooked up,' and that it was 'two adults having fun, getting a little tipsy, and one thing led to another.'

The single mother to Suri, aged seven, reportedly gravitated toward the handsome actor, taking his hand and leading him to dance to Lenny Kravtiz's American Woman and later Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines.

The flirting reached a 'fever pitch' and at 1:30 am Jamie reportedly asked the beauty to come to his room. Both were asked to stay overnight at Ron's mansion, where the party took place.

'He runs a smooth game,' a source tells the magazine of Foxx.

They were photographed together at the event arm in arm. Katie was smiling and looked gorgeous in a black sleeveless dress. Jamie, in a purple shirt and tie, appeared to be dancing.

Jamie had been in New York City - where Katie resides - filming Annie. So it was easy to see each other again, which they reportedly did in September when Katie was spotted leaving the actor's Trump SoHo Hotel one morning.

The report claims that the two 'never planned to become more than friends with benefits' but they shared an emotional connection over having kids. Jamie has two children, Corinne, 19, and Annalise, aged four. They also liked to talk about work.

'It had been a scary year, and then Jamie enters her life and puts a smile on her face,' a source tells Us.

The magazine claims it was Tom's reaction to hearing about the affair that led Jamie to say on October 15 of the hookup, 'It's 100 percent untrue.'

A source tells the magazine, 'This is a delicate situation for Jamie,' because of his relationship with the mega star.

Us Weekly also reports that the romantic relationship Katie and Jamie shared is now over and that she is presently being 'set up with non-famous guys.'

Jamie's rep did not return calls to MailOnline.

The article goes on to point out that Tom - who recently finished work on Edge Of Tomorrow - sees his daughter Suri often.

In September he took the adorable child bungee-jumping in Lake Placid, New York.

In October he reportedly visited the Mayflower Inn & Spa in Washington, Connecticut with her.

'[Katie] knows Tom makes Suri a priority,' a source tells the weekly. 'He loves her with all his heart.'

Their Katie source also said, 'Regardless of everything, he's the best father a little girl could ask for.'