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Katie Holmes flips burgers in Sydney for McHappy Day

Hollywood superstar Katie Holmes will roll up her sleeves and help out at McDonald’s Haberfield to raise much needed cash for the Ronald McDonald House charities, as McHappy Day gets underway across the country today.

The Daily Telegraph (Australia)
By Johnathon Moran

HOLLYWOOD superstar Katie Holmes isn’t above flipping burgers.

The American actor will today roll up her sleeves and help out at McDonald’s Haberfield to raise much needed cash for the Ronald McDonald House charities as McHappy Day gets underway across the country.

Hollywood actress Katie Holmes at Ronald McDonald House, Westmead, during McHappy Day 2019.

“If I need to,” Holmes told The Saturday Telegraph when asked if she will be doing any cooking.

“I really want to know the secret of how long on each side (of the hamburger patty) because that is always at home a big struggle and I usually have to end up putting it in the microwave because I haven’t gotten it right.”

Holmes, mother to 13-year-old daughter Suri, has flown to Australia to support the annual initiative. Yesterday, she spent several hours with families and their sick children at Ronald McDonald House Westmead, including with four-year-old Ellie Wild, who has undergone treatment for leukaemia.

Hollywood actress Katie Holmes meets patient Ellie Wild, 3, at Ronald McDonald House, Westmead.

“I feel very blessed to be a part of this and to bring attention to it,” she said. “I do a lot of volunteering and stuff on my own because it is important to me and I grew up doing that, my mum would always take me to homeless shelters. When I was a little girl, one of my friends had to go to hospital for a while and that affected me a lot. And so it is very much in me.”

She added: “I feel very honoured because I don’t want to ever intrude on people’s lives and definitely when they are in the middle of very difficult times. To let me meet their beautiful children when they are not feeling well and who are so strong to share their stories, I just feel really very touched. Being a parent, being an aunt, being a daughter, the more life experience that you have, the more you appreciate the circumstances of others and you want to help in any way that you can.”

Holmes has been a regular visitor to Australia over the years, last shooting 2010 flick Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark here.

And she has just wrapped production on The Secret: Dare To Dream, based on the work of Australian self-help author Rhonda Byrne.

“The book (The Secret) obviously isn’t a narrative so they created a narrative from it. Rhonda was on set every day with her beautiful self and I am very excited for the movie,” she said, adding when asked the meaning of The Secret: “You have to manifest things. The movie brings a lot of hope and I am really proud to be a part of that.”