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‘Ray Donovan’ Season 3 Trailer: Enter Katie Holmes And Ian McShane

By Erik Pedersen

EXCLUSIVE: “A good family business is not the same thing as a good family.” Here’s the first trailer for Season 3 of Showtime’s hit drama Ray Donovan, which sees Liev Schreiber as the Boston tough-turned-Hollywood fixer trying to rebuild his empire. Enter Mr. Andrew Finney (Ian McShane), a billionaire movie producer who brings Donovan in to keep an eye on his kids while he settles his affairs before retiring. That includes daughter Paige (Katie Holmes), a shrewd and chic businesswoman who Dad says “no longer sees me as her father, she sees me as an opponent — something in the way of her ascension.” Mogul and problem solver eventually form a very powerful relationship, but can Paige make Donovan an offer he can’t refuse?

Meanwhile, Donovan’s brother (Eddie Marsan) is in prison, and Ray wants him sprung before thugs take him out. Their badass ex-con dad (Jon Voight) wants Terry out too, and resorts to other methods. “Us Donovans, we’re not establishment types,” he admits. “We make our money on the fringes.” Amid all this, the fixer slugs a priest, disses Kafka and burns a body.

Ray Donovan returns on July 12 at 9pm ET on Showtime.