K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes, Jeanne Yang, and Suri Cruise on Dallas Fashion and Their Holmes & Yang Line

D Magazine
by Raya Ramsey

When Kristin and I were readying for the interview, we were told only professional photography would be allowed, but I can’t NOT post a photo of Katie Holmes when she comes to Dallas. Here she is, right, showing off a Holmes & Yang suede jacket. (I left little Suri Cruise alone, but imagine her hanging out on the floor, playing. She’s a doll.) I’ll upload better photography when I receive it. Yes, she’s as beautiful and gracious in person as you think she might be when you see her in movies. Her partner, Jeanne Yang, is delightful, too. And what does the design duo think of Dallas? “Love it,” they said in unison. Katie calls Dallas women “beautiful and kind,” while Jeanne added that we’re also “sharp.” Thank you, ladies. Details of Kristin and my interview after the jump.

Holmes & Yang has just produced its third collection, but it’s just hit the floors of Dallas’ Barneys NorthPark for the first time today. In the collections you’ll find basic garments created to fit and last. “We’re sticklers on our sizing,” Holmes says. Yang says she inspired by the thought of pieces lasting to be passed down generations rather than of-the-moment trends. Details, like lace (the same lace that Hermes uses, I should add) are added as subtle details, rather than in-your-face sexy appeal. Neutrals are at the heart of the collection, but the spring line includes army green and mauve. See the collection at Barneys, but have a little preview below.