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Exclusive: Watch Seth Green Lick Katie Holmes' Feet in This NSFW "Dear Dictator" Clip

E! Online
by McKenna Aiello

Katie Holmes and Seth Green bond over a mutual foot fetish in their new flick, Dear Dictator.

And if that's the sort of thing you're into, E! News has an exclusive clip of their onscreen affair from the offbeat comedy also starring Michael Caine, Jason Biggs and Odeya Rush.

Green plays Holmes' married boss in Dear Dictator, and he admits his wife isn't as adventurous in the bedroom as he'd like. "Patty won't let me do this for her. She thinks it's strange," the actor says, to which Katie's character responds, "She's strange!"

Of course, Dear Dictator isn't all about this celeb pair's NSFW romance. The movie follows Holmes' teen daughter Tatiana (Rush) as she becomes pen pals with a notorious dictator, Anton Vincent (Caine).

As an uprising against Vincent threatens his rule, he flees to Tatiana's suburban home for safety. From there, the duo embark on an unlikely friendship that could end very, very badly.

Press play on the clip above and check out Dear Dictator in theaters now.