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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes' Textually Active 'Hot Tub' Date

E! Online
by Cristina Gibson

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hit the hot tub last night.

Well, the premiere of "Hot Tub Time Machine," to be exact. TomKat were surprise guests (even to the movie's star John Cusack) at the screening of a movie about a group of guys who travel back to the '80s via their magic hot tub.

According to Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson, Tom was even texting them his review during the movie...

Rob and Craig told E! News Tom was "constantly texting them during the movie saying how funny it was."

Seems a little rude to be on the phone during the movie, but at least he was sending compliments!

It sounds like this flick must have been Tom's pick. How long until Katie takes him to "The Last Song?"