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Katie Holmes Fights 'Kennedys' With Comedy, Does Letterman's Top Ten

E! Online
by Natalie Finn

Katie Holmes can finally put this Jackie Kennedy thing behind her and start having some fun again.

The actress turned up on the "Late Show With David Letterman" to read tonight's Top Ten, her first talk-show appearance since her panned turn as the first lady in the Reelz Channel-approved miniseries The Kennedys, all eight hours of which aired last week.

And it was nice to see her getting laughs on purpose for a change.

From "Lost a bet with Tom" to "I'm here tonight anyway playing bass with the Foo Fighters" to "Honestly, I have no idea," Katie presented the "Reasons I'm Presenting Tonight's Top Ten List" to an enthusiastic audience.

After she was through, Dave thanked her for the birthday cupcakes she brought to the set—he turned 64 today—and presented her with a bouquet of roses.


"Reasons I'm Presenting Tonight's Top Ten List"

10. I lost a bet with Tom.

9. They told me this was "Lopez Tonight."

8. When I heard Bjorn Lomborg was going to be here, how could I say no?

7. This and an hour of traffic school gets me out of a speeding ticket.

6. I'm here tonight any way playing bass with the Foo Fighters.

5. I was in the neighborhood auditioning for Katie Couric's job.

4. It kills time before my table's ready at the Cheesecake Factory.

3. Honestly, I have no idea.

2. It's easier than getting Dave a birthday present.

1. What's the downside? No one's going to see this.