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All the Details on Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's Latest Undercover Date

E! News
by Mike Vulpo

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Two Hollywood stars were craving some privacy for their latest meal out.

E! News has learned Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx had dinner Sunday night at Nobu downtown in New York City.

According to an eyewitness, the Dawson's Creek star was dressed casually with very little makeup on and she wore a floppy hat that covered some of her face.

We're told the pair stayed in the restaurant for about 90 minutes before leaving at the same time.

It's just one of the many low-key nights out Katie and Jamie have enjoyed in recent months. Whether it's the 2018 Grammys or star-studded birthday parties, the pair has managed to avoid photographers on many occasions.

And yes, that's exactly how they like it.

"They still plan to keep their relationship private. This is what has worked for them and what they are comfortable with. They aren't a couple who is going to stroll down the street holding hands," a source shared with E! News. "They just want to stay off the radar and keep it to themselves. They have a routine that works well."

Our insider added, "They aren't together 24/7 and they spend time apart. They both travel and have lives outside of each other but they are very happy with this arrangement and to be together when they can be."

And while Jamie and Katie may not want to talk about their relationship, something special between the two has developed in recent months.

"He adores her," a source previously shared with us. "They are still going to keep their relationship on the low but you may see more random outings with them going forward".