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Did Suri Cruise Flip the Bird at Paparazzi? (It's Not What You Think!)

E! Online
by Alyssa Toomey

Is little Suri Cruise fed up with those pesky paps?!

Tom Cruise's 7-year-old daughter was spotted leaving gymnastics class with mom Katie Holmes in NYC, where she apparently had a not-so-subtle message to share with the snap-happy shutterbugs.

Namely, Suri appeared to flip the birdóbut it's not what you think.

The adorable kid, who looked too cute in a polka-dot pink dress and matching Crocs sandals, was twirling her hair between her two fingers while paps snapped pics of the mother-daughter duo.

But while Suri was playing with her hair, an untimely snap occurred, making it appear as if the 7-year-old was giving the paparazzi the middle finger.

Holmes, who looked perfectly coordinated with her mini-me in a polka dot tank, was seemingly unaware of the unfortunate snap, simply holding her daughter's hand while the twosome strolled the streets.

Given Suri's recent run-in with the shutterbugs, the deceptive image will likely create some unwarranted buzz for the pint-sized star.

Last week, a professional autograph-seeker was caught on video calling the 7-year-old a "brat" and a "little bitch" after Suri told the paps to "stop it" and "get out of the way" while reaching for the car door.

One paparazzo even pleaded with the heckler to stop calling Suri names, telling the man, "When you're a father bro, it's a whole different thing."

To which the signature-seeker responds, "She's a bitch...a little brat kid...A little brat."

Yeah, that actually happened.


Despite the unfortunate incident (luckily, Katie and Suri were seemingly out of earshot), the little one flashed a big smile for the cameras just a few days later after giving paps a piece of her mind.

But the mini-fashionista is hardly the first celeb kid to feel irked by the omnipresent paparazzi. Sandra Bullock has admitted her 3-year-old son Louis hates the cameras and gives the paps the "stink-eye," while Halle Berry recently testified in support of California's anti-paparazzi bill to protect children.

If passed, the bill is expected to alter the definition of harassment to include photographing or recording a child without the permission of a legal guardian by following the child or guardian's activities or by lying in wait.