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Tom Cruise's Career in the Hands of 2-Year-Old?

E! Online
By Ted Casablanca

Everybody's wondering what the ef's happening with Tom Cruise. Like this is anything new, what with the couch-jumping, dimpled dude's past episodes of wacky behavior. I mean, the annals of T.C.'s skit-like histrionics are approaching legendary status, let's face it. Just ask Matt Lauer, if you don't believe us.

But look, the latest is really worrisome: Cruise's No. 2 and longtime biz partner, Paula Wagner, just ditched Cruise at their newly refitted studio, United Artists, apparently leaving T.C. without somebody to help run the fledgling operation, which is in dire need of cash and product. Perhaps Tom's daughter, Suri, will step in? No joke. Tommy and Suri's mommy both, "often defer to what Suri wants and chooses," the Awful Truth has exclusively learned.

"If Suri doesn't like Katie's shoes, she'll take them off," blabbed a babe who hangs right alongside the Beverly Hills brood belonging to Tom and wife-unit, Katie Holmes. "Tom, too. He does whatever Suri wants. He defers to her on everything."

Obviously, this approval process must also include career moves, as well, because who else would chose the snore-pie-with-bore-sauce flick Lions for Lambs as an opening salvo in the career reinvention Cruise is precariously undergoing right now? We won't even get into "Valkyrie."

"For Wagner to bail at such a crucial time for [Cruise], with no replacement named, makes him look lost—not good," opined a source who represents many of Cruise's contemporaries. Also makes him look like nobody's planning these strategies out—either that, or they're being handled by somebody who rides a tricycle.