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Katie Holmes on "Late Night": Star Plays Charades, Talks "Dawson's Creek" Reunion

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by Natalie Finn

Katie Holmes would do a "Dawson's Creek" reunion—if there was something to reunite for, that is.

"I love everyone from the show and we have kind of talked about it here and there, but what do you do?" wondered Holmes tonight on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," her first TV sit-down since her split from Tom Cruise.

"Michelle's character passed away...Our last episode, we were already five years older. Maybe we'll go on vacation, that will be fun—and just film it!" she suggested.

Hey, Michelle Williams is down, so..."Dawson's Creek Goes to Hawaii With Jen's Ghost" it is!

Until the proper plot is cooked up, however, Holmes is keeping plenty busy—and she's loving her return to Broadway in "Dead Accounts," costarring Josh Hamilton and Tony winner Norbert Leo Butz (whose name Fallon just couldn't stop giggling over, FTW).

"It's a comedy, but there's a lot of heavy themes," Holmes said of the play, in which she plays an Ohio woman who still lives with her parents whose brother—played by Butz—returns to the family abode after "doing something really wrong."

Holmes, meanwhile, had to save face when a prop tech caught her eating pizza meant for a scene onstage.

"We didn't have an audience yet!" she recalled, laughing.

Holmes, who split from Cruise last summer after more than five years of marriage, also said she's spending Thanksgiving with family in Ohio, where every year, they participate in a three-mile run called the "Turkey Trot," invented by Holmes' father.

"There's even a prize, which I haven't won yet," she added.

Suri's mom also got to flex her performance skills during a round of charades, where she almost got Will, her partner from the audience, to guess "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."
"What is wrong with you? Don't hit me again!" protested Fallon after Holmes landed a punch to make her point.

Fallon's partner George easily got "Home Alone" because, well, that's much easier to act out and, even though Holmes is the one who's been on the show, Fallon's the one who correctly guessed "So You Think You Can Dance" when both George and Will tried to act it out.

As you might have suspected, Jimmy steered away from the tough questions.

In the clips below, Holmes weighs in on (possibly) reuniting with Van Der Beek and company, and also talks about her return to the stage in "Dead Accounts." Also watch Katie play charades with Jimmy.