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The Girl Next Door

It's Official: Katie Holmes Is Broadway Gold

E! Online
By Ted Casablanca

In a stunningly short amount of time, TomKat's apparently more red-hot half, Katie Holmes, has already helped the Broadway show, "All My Sons," turn a profit. The show's producers officially announced today that the revival of Arthur Miller's play has entirely made back its $3.25 million investment.

In Hollywood terms, Holmes just became Broadway box-office gold. And her buzz-worthy touch was sorely needed.

"When everything is closing around her," remarked a star in one of the many Broadway shows expected to shut its doors next month, "this is a spectacular feat—of course, it's not just her, it's [costars] John Lithgow and Dianne Wiest, but no one will say that."


You got that right, brother.

Sorry, as talented and praiseworthy as those two veteran stars may be, worth drooling over on stage, they are not. As the Awul Truth made plain back in October, Katie holds her own and gives a solid, impressive turn in the story of how war ravages a finagling family.

The throngs of audiences taking Katie's picture and vying for her autograph after each performance makes it plain not only who the new star is on the boards, but in the Cruise clan, as well.

Tom, how do you feel about making more New York real estate investments? You may be there for a bit. At least your wife will be.