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The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes Fears Her Son Is Possessed by a Creepy Doll in Exclusive 'Brahms: The Boy II' Clip

Entertainment Tonight
By John Boone

If you missed the 2016 The Boys, then let us formally introduce you to Heelshire Mansion, home to the creepy porcelain doll, Brahms. In the first flick, you learn not all is as it seems with Brahms -- and when you get on his bad side, bad things tend to happen.

Now, there's a sequel, Brahms: The Boy II, starring Katie Holmes as Liza, a mother who moves into the Heelshire guest house with her husband and their son, Jude (Christopher Convery). Unaware of the estate's bloody history, Jude soon strikes up a friendship with a certain porcelain doll he finds buried on the property.

In this clip, debuting exclusively on ET, Holmes' Liza wanders into Jude's room and is disturbed two times over: First, she finds his journal, filled will increasingly more violent drawings and disturbing notes. And then when Jude appears behind, dressed in a suit only a creepy horror movie kid would wear. Watch the clip above.

Brahms: The Boy II, directed by William Brent Bell and written by Stacey Menear, is in theaters Feb. 21.