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Katie On Tom!

The new mom gives the 411 on being married to Tom while we visit her on the Louisiana set of 'Mad Money'!

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KATIE HOLMES makes her big-screen return since having daughter SURI and marrying TOM CRUISE in the 2008-slated comedy 'Mad Money,' and our JANN CARL is on the Shreveport set to get the latest from the A-list actress!

"I have always been one of those people that has been very open to experiencing something and being open to meeting new people and to having an adventure and not being afraid to learn something, and that's what I like about [my character in the movie]," Katie says.

In the movie, Katie plays Jackie, a woman who teams up with her fellow Federal Reserve Bank cleaning crew members -- played by Hollywood heavyweights DIANE KEATON and QUEEN LATIFAH -- for a criminal exercise in creative moneymaking!

And a love for adventure is something she and her hubby have in common, including doing "loop-de-loops" in a plane. "I love that stuff," she says, revealing she never asks Tom to slow it down. "I'm like, 'Do it one more time! One more time!'"

Something else that may happen at least one more time for Tom and Katie is adding to their brood.

"Yeah, definitely," she tells Jann when asked if more kids are in their future. "We're having the best time. It's so amazing."

Katie says that 13-month-old Suri, who, along with Tom, is constantly on the 'Mad Money' set, is not only walking, but running, as well as waving, giggling, blowing kisses and saying "dada" and "mama" -- which was her first word (with "dada" said only moments later).

And like any good dad should be, Katie says Tom is a hands-on parent who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty with diaper and spit-up duty!

"One of the things that I thought was so amazing when I met him is what a great father he is," she says. "So it came as no shock that when we had Suri, he was amazing with a baby. He is an incredible father."

And although Katie is lucky enough to have Suri on set, Diane is missing her kids while on location.

"They came and visited me but they're older, they're in school and I can't really pull them away from school when one is 11 and the other is 6," she says. "There's so much responsibility and I'm a single mother too, so you can imagine!"

So with all this talk of family, is Latifah inspired to start one of her own?

"I'm moving things in that direction, but I had to move myself there first," she says. "Now, I'm good. I'm ready!"