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Katie Holmes & Josh Duhamel's 'Romantics" Love Triangle

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Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel and Anna Paquin play former college friends caught in a love triangle on their wedding weekend in 'The Romantics,' and only ET's Kevin Frazier has the dish on how this 'Big Chill'-style ensemble is keeping themselves entertained while filming on location in sleepy Southold, NY.

"We're in this small town and we get to hang out together; it's wonderful to be with actors and just create," says Katie, who has daughter Suri with her while filming: "She brings a very special sparkle to the set."

Katie, Josh and Anna are joined by Elijah Wood, Adam Brody, Malin Akerman, Jeremy Strong, Rebecca Lawrence and Dianna Agron. Often after filming, many in the group enjoy hanging out at the local watering hole, The Frisky Oyster, and they've held a few karaoke nights -- with some really good singers in the cast.

Josh says that despite being away from busy wife Fergie, they make things work, and he even had time to get together with her in New York for his birthday. Katie's hubby Tom Cruise was shooting 'Knight & Day' with Cameron Diaz in nearby Boston and now is filming overseas, while son Connor is shooting 'Red Dawn' in Detroit.

"It's a very exciting time; we feel lucky that we're all working, so we get together on Friday nights in Boston and talk about the week," says Katie. "Now Tom's shooting in Austria, jumping off of buildings and sprinting on top of high buildings, and we're going to go meet him in Spain."

Josh describes his take on the movie: "It's about these eight friends who get together after years, and we're here for a wedding, and I'm somebody who's a little conflicted, I guess, whether or not I should go through with it." Things get a bit romantic seeing as his character is the object of Katie and Anna's affections, and Josh says with a smile, "Nothing more than just a little kissing here and there, but it's one of the perks of the job, I guess."

Katie adds, "It's one of those weekends where friends get together and everything comes out."

Candice Bergen also stars in the film, and she tells Kevin about her character, "I'm the old person, and they're all young and vibrant and I'm sort of the old crab." As for her co-stars, she beams, "I'm having such a good time with them because they're all great. There's not a bad apple in the bunch, which is rare."

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