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Katie Holmes Enjoys Weekend Getaway With Suri Sans Boyfriend Emilio Vitolo (Exclusive)

Entertainment Tonight
By Antoinette Bueno

Despite Katie Holmes and boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr. seeming inseparable since they started dating in September, the 41-year-old actress makes sure to spend quality one-on-one time with her 14-year-old daughter, Suri, a source tells ET.

According to the source, Katie and Suri just enjoyed a quiet weekend in Upstate New York together without 33-year-old Emilio. The source says that while Katie and Suri spent Thanksgiving in New York City, they then left Emilio behind and went upstate on Saturday.

However, the source notes that Emilio does "adore" Suri.

"Katie and Emilo have been inseparable since they officially became a couple," the source says. "He adores Suri and they get along great, but Katie has always been really good about ensuring she and Suri continue to have a lot of quality time just the two of them."

According to the source, the three of them spent Saturday morning together before Katie and Suri departed for their getaway upstate.

Earlier this month, a source told ET that the actress and the celebrity chef were still going strong and that she's already spent plenty of time with his family. However, because of the new COVID-19 restrictions, the source said that it's unlikely Emilio will be able to spend time with her family in Ohio for the holidays. Typically, Katie and Suri go to Ohio for the holidays so Suri can spend time with her cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's unclear if that will be possible this year -- especially in regard to Emilio joining them for the trip.

"Katie is very close with her siblings and parents," the source shared. "Her family would love him, he's hard-working, a big family man, and he makes her so happy."

"Katie gets along great with Emilio's family," the source continued. "She fits right in and is totally comfortable around them."

Despite the obstacles, the source said that the pandemic hasn't been all bad for the couple, explaining that the nationwide lockdowns and quarantines were part of the reason their relationship moved so quickly.

"Katie wasn't working or traveling as much as usual and things were slower at the restaurant for Emilio, so it really gave them the opportunity to focus on each other," the source explained. "Instead of a few dates over an extended period of time, they were able to have a month's worth of dates in a matter of days."

Meanwhile, ET spoke with Katie in July, when she talked about quarantine life with Suri.

"This lockdown has had a lot of silver linings," she told ET, adding that while she hadn't seen a lot of her friends in person, she enjoyed "taking time to FaceTime and really be there, be present."

In April, she celebrated Suri's birthday, and while she couldn't go all out, she explained, "I think when you have less, you're more creative."