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Katie Holmes had a 'pretty terrifying' time making horror sequel Brahms: The Boy II

Entertainment Weekly
By Piya Sinha-Roy

Katie Holmes had never considered dolls to be scary. That is, until she decided to star in the sequel to 2016’s creepy horror movie The Boy.

“I love dolls, so I had a conflict because I had so many growing up,” Holmes said as she presented a first look at Brahms: The Boy II at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday. “I never thought of a doll being creepy, and now I have to rethink everything.”

She added, “This was pretty terrifying to make when we were working with the doll, it was a lot. I was scared.”

The Boy told the story of an American nanny (played by Lauren Cohan) hired to care for an elderly couple’s son — only to discover that the son is actually a porcelain doll named Brahms. Soon after she moves into their mansion, she realizes the doll may have supernatural abilities as it begins to terrorize her.

The trailer for Brahms: The Boy II (which has yet to be publicly released) showed parents Liza and Sean (Holmes and Owain Yeoman) move into the same mansion with their young son, Jude (Christopher Convery), who stumbles upon the buried Brahms doll in the garden. Jude forms a quick friendship with the doll, who might have more influence over the boy than his parents realize as strange things start to happen in the mansion.

“I felt like this was a story about a mother and her child and this evil presence that’s influencing her child, and how that’s a universal fear for every parent,” Holmes said. She added that Convery brought his own hidden talents to the role of Jude, including a moment showcasing his piano skills that “highlights the scare factor.” When asked if she had encountered any incidents of the supernatural kind while making the film, Holmes recounted that there were times she would be falling asleep and her pillow would fall to the ground: “I would be like, *gasp*!”

STX Entertainment will release Brahms: The Boy II on July 26.