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TomKat Date Night at 'The Kennedys' Premiere


The controversial mini-series "The Kennedys" premiered at the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater on Monday in Beverly Hills. The gripping, 8-hour series stars Greg Kinnear as President Kennedy and Katie Holmes as First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

Katie, who arrived with husband Tom Cruise by her side, admitted she was taken aback when the History Channel pulled out of their plans to air the series, reportedly under pressure from the Kennedy family. "I was as surprised as everyone else because I didn't know it was a possibility," the actress told "Extra." "The Kennedys" was subsequently picked up by ReelzChannel and will debut on April 3.

Holmes and Kinnear revealed how much they respect the characters they portrayed in the project. "I grew up always knowing who they are and always having a great deal of respect, and I always admired Jackie," Katie smiled. The actress, who is also a fashion designer for her own premium line called Holmes & Yang, commended the late First Lady's sense of style. "She always chose quality and fine workmanship, and that's why her style... we're still studying and looking at today."

On-screen husband Greg Kinnear also said he highly regarded his role. "He was President when I was born and I had great admiration my whole life for the guy."