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Katie Holmes back to independent films with 'Touched With Fire', 'All We Had'

Fox News

NEW YORK – Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby star in “Touched With Fire,” a movie about two poets with bipolar disorder who fall in love at a treatment facility. Holmes said the project gave her a new perspective on those living with the disorder.

“I know I learned a lot about this disorder and gained so much understanding and empathy for people who are suffering with it and their families and friends," Holmes told FOX411. "So my hope is that those who have firsthand experience with it feel that it is an authentic portrayal and for those who don’t have any experience, I hope it broadens their understanding.”

Holmes, 37, says its the most emotionally challenging role she’s done.

“I think everybody was really inspired by the material and we all wanted to be a part of making something special and meaningful because it is a subject matter that touches so many people so you want to do a good job," she said.

Holmes' next movie, the independent film "All We Had," will mark her directorial debut.

“I’ve been in the indie world since I started," she said. "My first job was ‘Ice Storm’ which was a small movie at the time and so I think really it’s about just finding characters and stories at the right time in your life where you feel like you can bring something to it and with this movie (“Touched With Fire”) I felt so lucky that this kind of happened when it did.”

“Touched With Fire” in theaters nationwide February 19th.