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The Girl Next Door


Katie Holmes Seeks Career Suicide

Fox News
By Roger Friedman

Big news: Katie Holmes will appear on an episode of ABC's "Eli Stone" this fall.

"Eli Stone"? Emmy-nominated? No. A hit? No. A cult hit? No.

Left over because of the writers' strike last winter? Yes.

So this is what Katie Holmes' career has become. She's also taken a minor role in an Arthur Miller play on Broadway.

Earlier this year, she appeared in one of the more dreadful comedies of all time, "Mad Money."

Is this savvy Hollywood career planning or suicide?

Before Holmes met Tom Cruise, she made a highly praised performance in the indie movie "Pieces of April." She had a nice part in the blockbuster film "Batman Begins." She was in the much-praised comedy, "Thank You for Smoking."

Her post-"Dawson's Creek" career was going great guns.

But becoming the robotic Mrs. Cruise has pretty much derailed her. Certainly actors use TV appearances to boost careers. Britney Spears just did it in "How I Met Your Mother." But that's an established hit, and considered "smart TV."

Of course, the argument might be that "Eli Stone" creator Greg Berlanti worked on "Dawson's Creek." But wouldn't Holmes have been better off on Berlanti's hit show, "Brothers & Sisters"? Indeed.

By now, Holmes must be wondering where things have gone wrong. Nicole Kidman managed to get a terrific career out of her marriage to Tom Cruise. Penelope Cruz's stock only rose after her brief association with him. But Katie? From "Eli Stone" it's hard to imagine where she can go next. "Mad Money 2?"