K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Tom Cruise Gay Sex Tape Exposed! Katie Holmes is Beside Herself...

by Karen Campion

The world was suspicious of Tom Cruise long before his infamous Oprah couch crusade and alas the truth is pouring out courtesy of Amy Scobee. And there is a gay sex tape as confirmation.

Who? Amy Scobee spent decades working for the upper levels of the Church of Scientology. And now that she has finally escaped she is telling the truth behind the lies of this religion and Tom Cruise in her book, "Scientology: Abuse at the Top."

Why? Why after years, I mean years, of loyal service would Amy flip on the Church and Tom Cruise? Star Magazine reports Amy cites years of mental and physical mistreatment as the reason.

So...what does Amy dish about in her book? It sounds like a pretty juicy read. Drug use and gay sex rumors are just a few of the shokcing allegations. Allegations...maybe not. Amy lived with Tom Cruise when he was married to Nicole Kidman. This is firsthand info! According to Amy, they all had to go through intense confessionals while they studied Scientology. Tom and Nicole exposed ALL of the skeletons in their closet. We'll have to read the book to find out all of them!

Although, Amy does give a couple PR nuggets to wet our appetite. It seems we are going to learn Tom was hooked on drugs and had to drop his addiction in order to join some elite group within the Church. She says she will not say exactly what he was hooked on but pot and cocaine do not disqualify one from joining the group. Whoa. Let your imagination run wild this tidbit!

Also, she claims a gay sex tape has been floating around starring none other than Mr. Tom Cruise. She has no firsthand knowledge of Tom being gay but a well-known spokesperson for the Church has the tape. I can tell you my friends out in Hollywood know Tom Cruise is gay. In fact, they tell me it is definitely true and everyone knows it. So why deny it publicly...all the time? Well, the Church frowns on it. They view homosexuality as a disease and from the sounds of it they are handling it for Tom. This part actually makes me kind of sad for Tom Cruise.

Nicole was a beard. But this was not enough to keep her in the good graces of the Church. Amy says every hired hand in Tom's house was a spy for the Church. These maids, babysitters, etc. would report back to the higher-ups with all details related to finances, conversations, agruments, everything. Eventually, Nicole was considered a threat to the Church. And poof...Tom divorced her. Coincidence? Not likely.

This book is affecting his home life...big time! Katie Holmes is livid over the truths being exposed in this book. Katie needs space and time to process what she has learned. Though surely none of this is news to her. Neither Katie not Suri are written about in the book. SO it's not all bad news...right Katie? As for her whereabouts, Katie flew to LA to celebrate Suri's 4th birthday and dashed back to NYC as soon as could.

Don't be embarrased Katie...almost all women would make the same deal you made!

The book will be available on Amazon May 9th. Happy reading.