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CLAIM: Tom Cruise Makes Katie Holmes Accompany Him “Everywhere”

Gossip Cop

“Amidst rumors of marital woes, Tom Cruise insists Katie Holmes accompany him everywhere,” claims In Touch.

Of course, this is from the same tabloid that claimed 11 months ago that Holmes was pregnant with baby number two.

Uh, still waiting…

Frankly, the only “rumors of marital woes” are the ones manufactured by In Touch – and they’re entirely false.

The couple is perfectly fine.

Nevertheless, this week the mag reports that Cruise dragged Holmes to New York for her birthday weekend, and she looked “worryingly weary.”

The next night, however, the tab says she appeared happy during her birthday dinner with Cruise, but In Touch insists, “It seemed forced, like they were putting on a show.”

So she’s not happy whether she looks it or not?

Of course, In Touch’s assertion that Cruise forces his wife to accompany him “everywhere” also leads nowhere, since Holmes is busy with her own career, which takes her to locations far from where her husband is working.

Says a source close to the two, “The whole thing is ridiculous and untrue.”

Hopefully In Touch won’t be so out-of-touch with its stories in 2011.