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CLAIM: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Make Religious Demands of Staff

Gossip Cop

From the people who dreamed up Britney Spears‘ haunted house comes another imaginary tale from “inside” a celebrity household.

This time, In Touch magazine claims Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes force religion on their staff.

According to a so-called “source,” the couple “make all of their assistants take a Scientology test before they get hired,” and also require candidates to take a tour of the Scientology center.

What’s more, alleges In Touch’s supposed insider, assistants sometimes “report directly” to higher-ups at the church to ensure Holmes and Cruise “don’t stray from the path.”

The only thing that’s off course here is the story.

A rep for Cruise tells Gossip Cop the article’s entire premise is baloney, and that In Touch doesn’t seem to care that it’s 100% false.

Given the mag’s awfully spotty record with Cruise and Holmes, we’d have to agree.