K A T I E   H O L M E S :
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No “Glee” for Katie Holmes.

Gossip Cop

“Hey Katie Holmes, Will You Be Guest Starring On ‘Glee?’” asks the site HollywoodLife, which spends far more time posing questions than fact-checking.

The blog says, “We all know Katie Holmes loves to sing and dance (think of her special performances on ABC’s ‘Eli Stone’ in 2008 and FOX’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ in 2009), and now we think she might be gunning for a role on FOX’s musical hit, ‘Glee!’”

Why does HollywoodLife think Holmes is “gunning for a role?” They actually admit it’s all based circumstantially on having “spotted her chatting with ‘Glee’ star Dianna Agron at last night’s New York Times-sponsored Golden Globes party at the Chateau Marmont in LA — and Katie was asking Dianna lots of questions about the show.”

HollywoodLife even excitedly reports they heard the two “ending their conversation with Dianna telling Katie, ‘I’ll let you know,’” and adds, “Hm… Could they be getting the ball rolling on Katie’s guest-starring role?”

Once again, Gossip Cop answers questions, especially when other sites ask the wrong ones.

For starters, Holmes is NOT doing “Glee.” And we double-checked with her rep, who told us the same thing.

As for HollywoodLife basing its fabricated scenario that Holmes might possibly do “Glee” because she was at a party, talking to Dianna Agron, who was overheard saying, “I’ll let you know” – the site made one HUGE oversight. Agron and Holmes worked together in the upcoming movie, “The Romantics.”

No “Glee” for Holmes (or Gossip Cop for constantly having to correct HollywoodLife).