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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Give Suri “Too Much Control,” Claims Mag

Gossip Cop

Just about nine months ago, Life & Style wrongly speculated that Katie Holmes was pregnant with her second baby.

It seems like the tabloid is no better when it comes to reporting about Holmes and Tom Cruise’s actual child.

Suri Cruise allegedly has “too much control” over her life, claims the magazine, which trots out “experts” (some of them dead!) and anonymous bloggers to blast her mom and dad’s parenting skills.

All of the criticism about her having “control” stems from some photos of Suri sometimes using a pacifier, wearing high heels and lipstick, carrying a blanket or committing other heinous acts of rebellion against her overpowered parents.

Cruise and Holmes are now “under fire” for letting Suri “do whatever she likes” and “failing to set much-needed boundaries.”

One “concerned father on a popular blog” is worried that she’s “being treated like a baby!” reports Life & Style, which now apparently swipes its conclusions from anonymous online commenters.

The magazine also cites the late Dr. Benjamin Spock among the many “experts” whose complete lack of familiarity with Suri Cruise apparently doesn’t disqualify them from padding out Life & Style’s empty story.

A source close to the family tells Gossip Cop the premise that Suri Cruise does whatever she likes is totally false.