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CLAIM: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Just Sat As Suri Threw Restaurant “Tantrum”

Gossip Cop

“TIRED SURI’S TANTRUM” reads a headline in Life & Style, which claims the five-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a meltdown at the fancy New York restaurant Il Cantinori on April 12.

According to an alleged “fellow diner,” Suri “threw a tantrum” when Holmes woke her up for dessert.

Then, after eating some sweets, the child supposedly “started acting erratically.”

How so?

“She put her hands in a glass and proceeded to pour water on her face and head,” the so-called “eyewitness” says, adding, “She must have done this for 20 minutes without Tom or Katie reacting once.”

Cruise and Holmes didn’t do anything?


And for good reason.

Il Cantinori staffers swear to Gossip Cop that the “tantrum” tale is “absolutely not true.”

Once again, more child’s play from Life & Style.