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MAG: Katie Holmes "Wasting Away" at "110 Pounds"

Gossip Cop

Katie Holmes is “wasting away” because Tom Cruise is “suddenly back in her life,” reports a breathless cover story from Life & Style .

The magazine, which Cruise last year slapped with a $50 million lawsuit after it published a cover story falsely claiming he “abandoned” Suri, now claims that Holmes’ “scarily skinny frame” had onlookers “gasping” at the Met Gala in New York on May 6.

A purported guest at the ball tells the tab, “Katie looked shockingly thin. No one could stop staring.”

Life & Style goes on to consult a nutritional therapist — who has never met Holmes — and estimates the actress is “barely tipping the scales at 110 pounds.”

The rag claims the star’s supposed “weight loss” is due to the “severe stress” of Cruise being back in New York, alleging that her ex’s return “threatens to disrupt” Holmes and Suri’s life together.

How so?

A so-called “source” for the magazine says Cruise “pops up in NYC for a day here, a day there, he’ll take Suri for a night or two,” adding, “That’s really not something Katie’s been used to.”

Um, no, actually she has been used to this arrangement ever since she and Cruise finalized their divorce, with him being given generous visitation rights and taking the opportunity to see his daughter any chance he gets.

Anyway, the tabloid further alleges that Cruise wants to have custody of Suri for the entire summer, and that Holmes is now “living in fear of losing her little girl to the controlling actor,” which is allegedly taking its toll on her body.


A couple of things here.

For starters, Cruise is NOT going to have custody of Suri for the summer. He and Holmes will continue to co-parent as they have been doing since their split last year.

Also, the “Dawson’s Creek” alum has NOT lost a dramatic amount of weight. She’s always been thin — it’s just her body type, despite the numerous “scary skinny” tales concocted by tabloids over the years.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a Holmes source, who called the mag’s story “nonsense.”