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Katie Holmes, Luke Kirby "More Than Just Co-Stars?"

Gossip Cop

Katie Holmes has “moved on romantically with ‘Mania Days’ co-star Luke Kirby,” speculates the HuffingtonPost .

The site notes the two were “photographed grabbing dinner in New York Tuesday evening after a day of shooting an intimate water fountain scene at Washington Square Park.”


Unwisely quoting the Daily Mail, the HuffingtonPost writes that Holmes is ”the latest actress to fall for her co-star.”

The site adds that it may be a “case of life imitating art,” since the two actors play “a couple of manic depressives who start a romance after meeting in a psychiatric hospital.”


Gossip Cop actually did a little digging, rather than relying on British tabs and meaningless photos, and Holmes’ rep assures us it’s “not true” that the two co-stars are in any sort of budding romance.

Meanwhile, a source close to Kirby tells us, “They are just friends. They are not dating.”