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Claim: Tom Cruise wants Katie Holmes to get Botox

Gossip Cop

In Touch reports that Tom Cruise is concerned his 31-year-old wife, Katie Holmes, looks too old.

“The stress of married life has taken a toll on Katie’s looks,” notes the tab, adding that while Holmes was “once fresh-faced,” she “now appears weathered and more wrinkled — and Tom is encouraging her to do something about it.”

Like what?

A so-called insider tells In Touch, Cruise has dropped “hints” to Holmes that she should get some Botox.

The problem, says the mag’s source, is that ”Katie hates needles and wants to look natural.”

According to the weekly, Cruise made clear he was “only trying to encourage [Holmes] to look her absolute best.”

Allegedly that worked because In Touch claims Holmes “seemed willing to forget her fear of needles in order to keep her husband happy.”

Time to inject this story with a dose of truth.

Cruise never asked or insinuated that Holmes get pricked.

A rep for the "Knight & Day" star tells Gossip Cop the Botox claim is “made up entirely.”