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Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen Suri In 3 Years, OK! Is Right

Gossip Cop
By Michael Lewittes

Tom Cruise has not seen his daughter Suri in three years, Gossip Cop can confirm. In fact, we have been consistently right about their relationship over the years while tabloids have wrongly reported about made-up father-daughter reunions. That’s why we would like to congratulate OK! for finally getting it mostly right this week.

On the cover on its new magazine is a photo of Katie Holmes and Suri with the headline, “Their Life Without Tom.” Inside its pages are some accurate points, and a few completely off-base statements. Let’s not forget, this is the same tabloid Gossip Cop has repeatedly corrected for its untrue narratives about Holmes and Jamie Foxx. A little more than two months ago, we busted the publication when it ran an inaccurate cover story that alleged a pregnant Holmes called off her wedding to Foxx.

None of that was true. Nor was the March cover that falsely claimed Holmes and Foxx were having a baby girl together, or a January cover that wrongly blared, “Wedding & A Baby” for Holmes and Foxx. Curiously, just about one year ago to the date, it was actually OK! that mistakenly reported Cruise had a secret “meeting” with Suri for three hours in an apartment belonging to “someone in his management team,” where he gave his daughter “a big teddy bear as the two embraced and then played hide-and-seek and read stories.” As Gossip Cop exclusively noted then, that get-together never, ever happened.

The magazine’s story this week, however, has some more accurate reporting. Most notably, it’s right about Cruise not having seen Suri in years.

Allow Gossip Cop to separate what’s fact and what’s fiction. Not only hasn’t Cruise seen Suri in three-plus years, but we can exclusively report he has not even contacted his daughter in that time. According to one of our sources, “There’s been no communication at all.”

Gossip Cop was told there were times when the actor, who can jet anywhere he wants, was just a few states away from Suri and never tried to see her, let alone contact her. When other tabloids, such as In Touch, published a number of erroneous articles in the past about Cruise seeking custody of Suri, an insider expressed to Gossip Cop, “It’s crazy people are focusing on [Cruise] looking for more custody when he hasn’t even attempted to contact [his daughter] in years.”

In January, for example, Gossip Cop debunked an absurd cover story from that publication which alleged the Mission: Impossible star had “ruined” Holmes’ wedding plans with Foxx because there was the specter of Cruise attempting to “get more custody and try[ing] to sway Suri over to Scientology.” In addition to the falsity of In Touch’s assertion that Foxx and Holmes were planning a “secret wedding,” an impeccable source revealed to Gossip Cop back then, “Trying to get custody? How about seeing [Suri] first?”

Should Cruise reestablish contact with Suri, Gossip Cop will happily report on it. We reached out to reps for both Cruise and Holmes and neither has responded to our investigation.